"'Honesty,unity,diligence and innovation"Is my company Founding of the country.AII employees of the company dedicated to quality products and good service with domestic and foreign customers in close cooperation and common development.Faced with the continuous renovation of automotive technology,the automotive market continues to expand,in order to meet the growing customer needs and expectations,the company operating:

  First,expanding product range,from the lock ring gear to the multi-bevel ring,lever gear ring expansion,from a single material ring to the development of composite gear ring from the car ring to the truck gear ring development;

  Second,the material to the extrusion of high-performance materials development of automotive products;

  Third,the product market,from the domestic market to the Japanese market and the international market expansion;

  Fourth,improve the economic benefits of“customers,employees,suppliers,investors and society"。.

  I Wuhan Concord Gear Co.,Ltd.is now in accordance with the ISO/TS16949:2009,IS09001:2008 quality management system requirements and customer requirements norms,continuous improvement and continuous improvement of the established quality management system,and constantly improve the management level and further optimize the quality of products and services,So that enterprises embark on a scientific and standardized track,so that products to the international direction.