serial number Patent name Patent number
1 Synchronizer ring sandblasting process

ZL 2008 1 0048735.6

2 Processing method of steel-based resin tooth ring rough forgings

ZL 2008 1 0048736.0

3 Synchronizer tooth ring wear durability testing machine

ZL 2011 1 0413825.2

4 Synchronizer tooth ring wear durability testing machine

ZL 2012 1 0047242.7

5 Composite fixture and preparation method thereof


6 Hot forged feeding electric joint manipulator


7 One-time carbonization fixture with limit function

ZL 2017 1 1427727.8

8 Mechanism and assembly method for synchronizer assembly assembly

ZL 2017 1 1427917.X

9 Inspection fixture for tooth-shaped fixtures ZL 2017 1 1427726.3
10 A kind of synchronous tooth ring inner ring processing composite fixture ZL 2017 1 1427945.1
11 Synchronizer tooth ring assembly packaging tray ZL 2018 1 1622341.7
12 Synchronizer tooth ring clamping in place, alarm device and turning equipment ZL 2018 1 1621175.9
13 Synchronizer tooth ring fixture, turning chuck device and turning equipment ZL 2018 1 1621212.6
14 A kind of tooth ring punching die and method ZL 2017 1 1427591.0
15 Steel-based toothed ring magnetic sandblasting fixture and sandblasting method ZL 2018 1 1652702.2
16 Tooth ring fixture ball plunger installation fixture and installation method ZL201911421670.X
17 A kind of radial carbon tooling for tooth rings ZL201911421679.0


Multi-cone synchronizing ring assembly and synchronizer





serial number     Patent name Patent number
1 A kind of C-type spring spring testing device ZL201620305640.8
2 Base surface distance detection instrument ZL201620034912.5
3 Tooth ring forgings flashing punching die tooling ZL201521134874.2
4 A kind of synchronous static shift test platform ZL201720072489.2
5 A kind of synchronous tooth ring inner ring processing composite fixture ZL201720786773.6
6 A kind of press-type base surface distance gauge auxiliary detection tooling ZL201721841101.7
7 A kind of carbon equipment positioning tooling ZL201721840597.6
8 A kind of split structure mold and tooth ring forging device ZL201721840598.0
9 A kind of deflection detection device ZL201922481527.1
10 A kind of press-plate forging mold ZL201922483148.6
11 An automatic leveling device for synchronizer tooth rings ZL201922472517.1
12 Lever ring machining fixture ZL202022580629.1
13 Abrasive blasting fixtures and sandblasting devices ZL202022673999.X
14 CNC lathe automatic feeding device and automatic processing equipment ZL202022889350.1
15 Mechanical simple splice device and CNC machine tool ZL202022684202.6
16 Special-shaped ring metal product processing fixture ZL202022626146.0
17 Machining center tool holders follow chip sweepers, systems and machine tools ZL202022822115.1
18 Synchronizer tooth ring positioning structure, system and machine tool ZL202022857290.5
19 Synchronous ring molybdenum spraying tooling and system ZL202022848002.X
20 Radial pressing carbon limit tooling and carbon fitting device ZL202022953042.0
21 Positioning clamping fixture for front shaft mounting holes and pin hole machining ZL202122568908.0
22 A positioning tightening fixture for automatic machining of front axle milling fist wall ZL202122566874.1
23 A special fixture for the machining of bushing parts ZL202122568928.8
24 Flexible material processing fixtures and processing equipment ZL202220310383.2