Great Wall Automobile will stop working with HYUNDAI and replacedby 7-speed dual clutch

Haval is the main sales force of Great Wall Automobile and most models of it are matched with automatic gearboxes from Hyundai Powertech and Getrag. It is learned from the Great Wall Automobile officially: The 7-speed dual-clutch transmission (DCT) developed and produced by the Great Wall Automobile independently has been matched on model WEY VV7 and in the future it will be used on model H2 and further on all models covering VV7 and H7. Great Wall Automobile will stop working with Hyundai Powertech.

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2017 Top Ten Chinese Transmission Brand Ranking and Performance Technology Analysis

Transmission technology has always been a weakness in the development of Chinese's automobile. As the key transmission component of a car, the performance of the transmission fully reflects the performance of the automobile. Even if the engine power is high and the torque is high, but the transmission matched cannot afford so much power and torque, the transmission ratio is not appropriate, and pause and transition during gear shift is felt significantly, they all will affect the car's texture during driving.

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