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2017 Top Ten Chinese Transmission Brand Ranking and Performance Technology Analysis

Date:2017-9-5 19:32


  2017 China Top Ten Transmissions
  Transmission technology has always been a weakness in the development of Chinese's automobile. As the key transmission component of a car, the performance of the transmission fully reflects the performance of the automobile. Even if the engine power is high and the torque is high, but the transmission matched cannot afford so much power and torque, the transmission ratio is not appropriate, and pause and transition during gear shift is felt significantly, they all will affect the car's texture during driving. Here let'sanalyze the performance of these ten transmissions.
  This transmission has 3 overdrive gears, the speed ratio range is up to 9.15, and the velocity ratio between gears is set reasonably and matches with the engine perfectly. Smooth, rapid gear shift, smooth and easy power output and wider transmission ratio range guarantee that under different vehicle speeds, the engine can work in the efficient rotation speed area.Precision velocity ratio design plus flexible gear shift logic makes it can skip the single gear, continuously and smoothly realize upshift and downshift, reduce the noise level and improve the efficiency, comfort and moveability to a new height, which is more conducive to reducing oil consumption.
  The 7-speed S tronic dual-clutch transmission represents the current state of the art in dual-clutch gearboxes. It consists of two shafts and two sets of multi-plate clutch, which control the different gears respectively. When a set of clutchcontrolsthe transmission shaft to link to the engine, another set of system is on standby at any time. For example, when the driver is accelerating in third gear, the other transmission shaft is ready for fourth gear and the gear change is achieved by changing the clutch. Just a few hundredths of a secondis needed to complete the gear shift quickly and smoothly, so that the power loss is minimized during the shifting process.
  ZF 8HP automatic transmission is equipped with 5 gear shifting elements and 4 planetary gear sets, the speed ratio can be up to 7 and the speed ratio interval is small and uniform. Compared with the 6-speed automatic transmission, the speed ratio between gear 1 and 2 is reduced from 1.78 to 1.5, and this design allows the 8-speed automatic transmission to improve the starting acceleration performance while reducing the fuel consumption. In addition, reducing the speed ratio between gear 1 and 2 further improves the gear shift quality between gear 1 and 2. Its single-stage planetary gear drive brings high transmission efficiency and uniform distribution of speed and torque.
  It's beyond our expectation that the independent brand ranking first is actually the controversial Landwind X7. Compared with the foreign 8AT, the biggest feature of the 8AT produced by Shengrui Transmission is the front-engine, front-wheel drive layout design, which makes the 8AT more economical, fuel-saving, have a better dynamic property and bring a more comfortable driving experience. Moreover, according to reports, most of China's car brands use the front-engine and front-wheel drive mode. The R&D of Shengrui 8AT is targeted at the Chinese market.
  DSI575F6 is a front-wheel driven 6-speed automatic transmission developed by DSIH with the world's leading technology. The overall product structure is currently the mainstream and the most mature program in the world and the overall performance is consistent with the mainstream products of Aisin, ZF and Jatco. It can match a torque ranging from 200 to 400Nm and an engine with a displacement ranging from 1.8L to 3.5L, covering sedan, SUV, pickups and many other models. The design life reaches 250,000km.
  The first domestic small-torque wet dual clutch transmission - DF515 is of more extraordinary significance for the domestic automobile industry. It breaks through the dilemmas of domestic transmission, to match DCT dual clutch transmission on a SUV priced between RMB 70,000 and 80,000 is unthinkable in the past. Qingshan has developed the DCTsuccessfully, so that its vehicles have a great competitive advantage among the same class cars and it is a major breakthrough in the domestic automobile core parts industry.

  Most engines matching with Punch Powertrain CVT transmissions are the first generation of products launched by self-owned automobile enterprises, which are slightly short on the details. The unique shift-feel of CVT transmission is fully reflected, so as to make up the shortcoming of self-owned engines in term of shift-feel. What's more, Punch Powertrainalso provides system solutions including TCU for China's self-owned brands. Of course, the second-generation and third-generation engines of China's self-owned brands have reached a higher level.
  This Wanliyang CVT19 stepless transmission coagulating the independent development efforts over the past ten or more years is the first CVT that is developed in China independently and put into production massively. It can simulate seven gears, achieves slight shift action and can maintain a low rotating speed of the engine. Pushing the pedal down deeply can improve the engine speed in a short time, so that the car can obtain acceleration; and 120km/h cruise can have the engine speed maintain at 2,000, and then the fuel economy is good.
  Understanding from the function, E-CVT does have a role of variable speed, but structurally speaking, the difference between them is too large. It can even be said that the transmission is divided into two categories, one is E-CVT and the other is the other transmission. The official definition given by Toyota is“power splitter”, because it does not have the complex mechanisms in a traditional transmission system like the clutch, torque converter or gear shaft, and is a power distribution mechanism prepared for hybrid vehicle models.
  Relying on independent innovation and scientific and technological progress, the application of new technologies, new materials and new processes, and independent design and R&D of new products, Fast is actively in domestic and foreign markets, seizes the advanced technology and provides a series of products to upgrade and update of heavy trucks. The speed ratio range of the 12-gear all-aluminum transmission reach to 14.86; the reduction gear ratio between every gear is reasonably designed; wider transmission ratio guarantees that the engine can rotate efficiently under different working conditions; and the comprehensive transmission efficiency is up to 93.58%, so it can be said that it has made a contribution to improving the vehicle's fuel economy. This transmission matches with Shaanxi Automobile's M3000 models and achieves superior overall performance and reliable quality.

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