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Great Wall Automobile will stop working with HYUNDAI and replacedby 7-speed dual clutch

Date:2017-9-5 19:24

  Haval is the main sales force of Great Wall Automobile and most models of it are matched with automatic gearboxes from Hyundai Powertech and Getrag. It is learned from the Great Wall Automobile officially: The 7-speed dual-clutch transmission (DCT) developed and produced by the Great Wall Automobile independently has been matched on model WEY VV7 and in the future it will be used on model H2 and further on all models covering VV7 and H7. Great Wall Automobile will stop working with Hyundai Powertech.


  In the early years, vehicle enterprises under Chinese brands had not yet had the ability to achieve mass production of automatic gearboxes and could do nothing but seek help from foreign transmission suppliers, so it was for Great Wall Automobile. Haval H6 had ever carried the 6AT gearbox of Hyundai Powertech and modern model H6 and H6 Coupe have used the 7DCT of Getrag. Now, the 7DCT developed by Great Wall Automobile itself independently has been produced massively and has taken the lead in being used on model WEYVV7.


  Zheng Lihua, vice president and chief project director of Great Wall Automotive Transmission Research Institute, said in addition to achieving optimal product quality, 7DCT450 also has the design suitable for all vehicle platforms, meets the demand for high yield, has an excellent supplier system in terms of parts, software, calibration and production equipment, and has had the ability to achieve mass production.


  Currently, the annual production capacity of 7DCT450 is 500,000 units, which cannot meet the demands of Great Wall Automobile in selling over 1 million vehicles per year yet, so some models will be equipped with the 7-speed dual clutch transmission from Getrag. When the phase II project of Great Wall Automobile Transmission Factory is put into productionin 2018, the production capacity will rise to 100 million/year, and then from H2S series to H6, H7 and WEY series, they all will gradually be equipped with this 7-speed DCT. (Source: online auto market)

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